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Standard Timber Frames

Our standard frames are meticulously crafted from Tasmanian Oak, a beautiful timber cherished within Australia's art community. Known for its incredible strength, versatility, and environmental sustainability, Tasmanian Oak provides a light, minimalist aesthetic with its natural colour palette ranging from straw to pinkish-red. This option is ideal for those who appreciate a clean and contemporary look that complements a variety of room designs.

Premium Timber Frames

For a more dramatic and expressive choice, our premium frames are made from Rosewood. Indigenous to New Guinea, Rosewood offers a stunning visual impact with its deep, rich hues and unique grain patterns. These frames are perfect for those looking to make a bold statement and enhance the dynamic qualities of their artwork.

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Rosewood + White Border

This combination pairs the vivid character of Rosewood with a white border, accentuating the artwork with a defined edge that stands out against the frame's dark natural hue.

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Rosewood Frame(No Border)

Opting for a Rosewood frame without a white border offers a seamless transition from art to frame, providing a modern, immersive viewing experience.

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Tasmanian Oak + White Border

Choose this for a lighter, more subdued frame that maintains focus on the art. The white border adds a touch of elegance and a sense of space, making it suitable for interiors that favour a bright, airy aesthetic.

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Tasmanian Oak(No Border)

A minimalist choice that provides an edge-to-edge view of the artwork, embracing the light, straight grain of Tasmanian Oak.

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SplinesA Mark of Quality and Beauty

Our frames are reinforced at the corners with splines – thin strips of wood that not only add structural support to the frame but also enhance the frame’s visual appeal.

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Composite + White Border

In contrast to the natural variations in colour and grain found in timber frames, our composite box frames offer a sleek, uniform appearance that is especially suited for contemporary spaces. Their bright white finish creates a striking contrast that makes your artwork stand out.

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Limewash + White Border

Our Limewash finish, featuring Tasmanian Oak, offers a rustic, eco-friendly option that lightens up any space. Ideal for coastal or shabby chic decor, it brings a relaxed, natural feel to your artwork, promoting a sense of tranquillity and casual charm.


Protection and Presentation


Our museum-grade anti-glare glass protects your artwork with scratch resistance and 70% UV protection, ensuring longevity and pristine viewing.

Hanging Systems

Equipped with a heavy-duty split batten, our frames guarantee secure and level hanging for enduring stability while remaining flush with the wall.

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For further details on our printing options and to make the best choice for your artwork, click through below or contact our team today.

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