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Do you have an affinity for colourful, highly detailed scenic views? What’s better than landscape photography that captures the true beauty of nature? Australian landscape photography – truly celebrates the beauty of mother nature!

According to scientific data, immersing ourselves in nature creates a calming effect that minimises stress and spreads positivity into our life. Landscapes photography is a perfectly natural and organic way to fill the voids of our lives and strengthen our unique bond with nature....

Steven Stanley Manolakis is committed to capturing award-winning landscape photography in Australia that stirs our emotions and calms the soul. With the focus on capturing the natural world’s beauty, he creates imagery that reflects happiness, wonder, excitement, and more. His high-quality landscape prints are expertly crafted to last a lifetime.

Australian Landscape Photography – Timeless Masterpieces of Art

The award-winning landscape photographer Steven Stanley Manolakis uses his experience, technical skills, and knowledge to capture scenes converted into unique masterpieces conveying a personal vision message. His Australian landscape photography involves producing beautiful photography art pieces that are full of fine details and beauty.

Steven Stanley Manolakis uses professional, best-quality cameras with larger image sensors to create digital files of aerial landscape photography with sufficient resolution. This means that large prints are made with only a very little loss in image quality. His goal is to capture all the details to create professional landscape photography, using his experience, knowledge, and technical skills to achieve the highest-quality digital files.

He is a true innovator and has a deep understanding of recording an image and using technical knowledge to create desired prints. His brilliant techniques infused with his artistic vision create magic and portray his love of the natural world.

Professional landscape photography is the pinnacle of the art form that rekindles the emotions of happiness, joy, and wonder.

Frequently Asked Questions

● What are the best camera settings for landscape photography?
The camera settings for landscape photography depends on the light and the type of image you want to capture. However, some of the standard camera settings that can be applied to landscape photography for the best results is listed below:

Histogram – The histogram shows you a representation of the light that your camera is trying to capture. This tool is more helpful in making the right decision on light rather than looking at the image in your LCD.

Aperture – Generally, in landscape photography, the aperture is the key setting for photography between f/11 and f/16. When the aperture is between this range, you will get sharp photographs.

ISO – ISO plays a crucial role in minimising the noise in the images. For landscape photography, the recommended ISO value is 100 or 200.

● What is white balance in landscapes photography?
White balance in landscapes photography is by which your camera determines how neutral tones are rendered. Generally, white balance is the process of removing colour casts from an image. It’s a general modification of colours and their intensities in photography. Steven likes a warmer white balance.

● What are the essential skills for award-winning landscape photography?
Landscapes photography is a pinnacle of the art form that involves both creativity and technical skills to master it. For Steven, it’s always finding what makes sense to you and refining your composition.

● What are the common aerial landscape photography mistakes to avoid?
Here are a few landscapes photography mistakes to avoid:

  • Keep a high shutter speed (>1/1000s) while shooting from an aircraft to avoid image distortion or blur from movement, turbulence, or wind.
  • Do not lean on aircraft while shooting. Keep your arms suspended. This will reduce vibration and image distortion.
  • Always bring extra batteries and memory cards.
  • Strap your camera equipment to you (I lost a lens after it twisted off my camera and flew out the aeroplane window in Iceland over a glacial field at 2,000 feet!)
Australian Landscape Photography - Steven Stanley Manolakis